Friday, 25 March 2011

The Logo Cometh...

Introducing our new logo!  Isn't she pretty?  The fair and lovely Ellen Braende designed it for us and she did a bang up job.  Clear, colourful, and fun.  Exactly what we needed.  Now we need to get postcards designed and off to the printer to publicize upcoming events!

We have so many new people coming into Craft in Kerry that it's great fun to get to know so many talented and interesting people.  This week we are featuring Fleur Daly, the energy behind Bluebell Eco Candles.

Welcome to Bluebell Eco Candles - I am committed to providing the most natural candles and products as possible. Made under the beautiful Kerry mountains near Killarney, we are helping to positively affect the environment of your home and the world around us. We specialize in natural candles and related accessories - tea light holders, votive holders, pillar candle, melts and unique oil burners.

 Our candles are made the old fashioned way - by hand, one at a time. We use 100% natural wax (Palm or Soy) to ensure a healthy, environmentally friendly glow. Our wicks are 100% cotton, no lead, zinc or metal of any kind. You will enjoy the true-to-life aroma of our candles due to the combination of the quality wax, wicking and our 100% undiluted fragrance and essential oils. Our eco-friendly dyes are specifically made for our waxes and, we tint very lightly or don't use any dye at all so the beautiful crystalline effect glows through.
How Did I find out about Soy Candles?  It was through my son that I came to learn about Soy candles. He was very sick as a baby. At the age of only 3 months, he spent more than nine weeks in hospital. He had to be rushed to Crumlin Children's Hospital Dublin by ambulance from Tralee, Co. Kerry. Thankfully, he was given the all clear for any life threatening conditions, but we were told that he would have chronic asthma.
Upon arriving back home, I did everything I could to eliminate airborne irritants - no teddy bears in his room, not a speck of dust, air purifiers for his bedroom, no carpets. It took a great deal of effort to ensure a better environment for my son. Night time was the worst listening to him cough all night. He was 6 months old before we got him home. It was about 7 months later that I happened upon a article about soy wax.
Can you imagine my shock and disgust when I happened upon an article about the dangers of paraffin candles?  Everyday candles that I burned most evenings to relax and unwind.  The black smoke from these candles have nearly a dozen carcinogens and other toxins. Two of these ingredients have been proven by the American Lung association to cause cancer. Burning just 3 paraffin tealight candles can lower the air quality in a room to that of a city like Los Angeles city.
Then I learned about Synthetic scent - Synthetic scent was developed in the 1970s to increase productivity and profit. Instead of growing fields and fields of lavender, producers make large qualities of a scent in a laboratory at a fraction of the cost. Marketing techniques and lax of government regulation allow such terms as "natural oils." These are not essential oils, but rather “nature mimicking” oils. Synthetic scent does not break down in the atmosphere and can even be detected at the North Pole.
Where does Soy Wax come from?  Soy wax comes from soya beans, was developed in 1992 by Michael Richards, who was looking for a clean Eco friendly  alternative to paraffin wax. Through his research and development, we have this wonderful product. Soy wax is an all-natural, renewable, sustainable resource. When burned, soy emits no harmful products, not even an increase in carbon dioxide levels, resulting in a healthier air quality.  By using pure essential oils from trees and plants, Bluebell Eco Candles have not only a wonderful smell, but the healing properties of the oils that have been used for centuries.
So, the next time you want to create a warm, inviting, and romantic atmosphere in your home, choose the benefits of Bluebell Eco Candles Natural Aromatherapy Soy Candles.

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  1. Lovely article and photos, well done Fleur - wishing you continued success with your lovely candles.