Saturday, 28 May 2011

Is This Summer???

Learn to felt and make personally designed book covers
Okay, I am freezing!  The weather, for the month of May, is as damp and miserable as March.  Luckily, I have plenty of indoor work to do to get the Handmade Sessions up and running.  We are looking at June 13th for the launch and June 14th as the first day to take part in the Sessions.

I have set up a calendar on the blog to showcase our Session offerings. So far, we will be teaching wood carving, felting, dyeing, creative embroidery, up-cycling clothing, knitting, crochet, and jewellery. This list is not exhaustive as we will be adding more workshops over the summer and we do have many members of Craft in Kerry that teach in their own studio, so if you have a request please do get in touch and we can assist you in organizing the workshop of your dreams.  You can try your hand at felting or up-cycling clothing and your partner can make a bespoke greenwood chair.  Click on the day on the calendar and it will highlight the day's Session.

The venue is nearly ready and we will soon be furnishing the interior. Please do come by and see us in Dingle, Co Kerry on John St on Monday, June 13th and try your hand at carving or felting or knitting on the day. We will be there, rain or shine, from 4-8pm.  

For more information or for booking in advance, please email or ring 011-353-87-9111793.  We do prefer to have people book in advance as materials are included in the price of €35 per Session and it will help us not only secure your space, but also ensure there are enough materials.

Nuts and bolts

  • €35 per Session per person, materials included
  • Workshops will be 2-6pm, but do check the calendar to confirm times as they may vary throughout the summer
  • Venue is on John St in Dingle town, an 8 minute walk from the Tourist Office
  • There is parking just above us on the right in the old secondary School (CBS) and it will accommodate a large van or bus.
  • Most Sessions are geared towards beginner level, so don't panic about being in over your head.  If you already have basic knowledge, then your instructor will work with you to develop a more challenging project for your time here.
  • Some materials may be for sale by the instructors to get you started in new projects as Dingle would not have supplies easily available.  Just ask when you register.
  • There are two fantastic restaurants across the street from us (The Half Door and Doyle's Seafood Restaurant), so you can continue your wonderful Dingle artisan experience!


John Murphy                   Wood Carving
Ann Moore                     Creative Embroidery/Up-cycling
Sharon Crandall               Felting/Dyeing/Crochet
Kathleen Flannery            Knitting/Jewellery

Ann Moore's creative embroidery

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